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In recent years it has been noticed that the African continent is becoming more and more attractive to betting companies around the world. What attracts bookmakers to Africa? After all, this region is very poor and criminalized. However, African bookmakers have such recognizable brands as Marathonbet, Bwin, Pinnacle, Ladbrokes, William Hill and many more.

Sports betting on the Dark Continent has gained popularity over the past decade.

Despite the fact that around 70% of Africans live below the poverty line, they bet willingly and a lot. The main reason is poverty.

Africans truly believe that sports betting is the only way to get rich and live happily. And for the sake of this dream, they are ready to put in their last money.

Some Statistic

In 2018, studies were carried out in some large African countries, based on the results of which it is clear how popular betting is on the continent.

The Nigerian News Agency has calculated that one third of Nigeria’s population between 18 and 60 years old makes a daily bet.

South Africa’s state statistics service has calculated that nearly half of the adult population are gamblers in the country’s betting companies.

There is a real boom in bookmakers in Kenya. 80% of the country’s residents aged 18 to 35 are fond of betting.

Residents of Uganda donate more than $ 1 million to bookmakers in Africa every month.

18% of this amount is collected by the government as a tax
39% returned to players as winnings
The rest of the percentage is taken by the bookmaker.

What attracts bookmakers to Africa

Of course, African legislation is quite faithful to bookmakers. Taking advantage of the excitement of the local population, betting companies put a lot of advertisements and billboards on the streets. Local sports journalists on the radio give betting tips and talk about various bookmakers’ bonuses and promotions. The same agitation comes from the television screens.

Against the backdrop of an obvious gambling addiction problem on the continent, African authorities are not introducing any restrictive measures relating to bookmakers’ advertising.

In addition, the bookmakers are satisfied with the conditions for doing business in Africa.

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